The Legend of The Crystal Heroes is known the world over, spread by bards and scholars alike. The tale tells of twelve brave souls who rose up against a menace that threatened the world itself. Deep to the south, a large impact of demonic energy created what the general populace deemed The Great Crater. Within this massive crater, a group of cultists attempted to summon a slew of demons from the shattered realm of The Abyss — a summoning that would fill the world with foul creatures. The heroes took a large amethyst-hued crystal (rumored to be connected somehow to The Abyss) and utilized its power to stop the cultists and prevent the summoning. The process shattered the crystal into shards that spread across the world, and The Crystal Heroes’ legacy was forever cemented in the annals of history.

This was over a hundred years ago. In the present, the cult responsible for the mayhem in the past lives on through new members. They have come across a way to revive the ritual of yore and once again attempt to bring an army of demons to the unsuspecting world. With the saviors of the past gone and the crystal shattered, who — if anyone — will be able to halt the menace once more?

The enigmatic Lore Gatherers have found an answer…

The Crystal Comradery